Regional Resources and Information.


The Augusta Film Office (AFO) is dedicated to helping film makers get all production related questions answered and assist in determining any local requirements as far as permits, licences or special permission that would be needed in a timely manner.

One of the best aspects of choosing Augusta for your production is that currently there are no permits required to film in Augusta-Richmond County nor are there any fees related specifically to film production. Augusta is what you might call a “free” or “open” city as far as restrictions or requirements when it comes to shooting here.

Although there are no specific permit requirements for filming in Augusta (except for drones*) there are certain types of film related activities where permission would be required. In certain instances special permission from individual government departments related to specific needs may be required; e.g. if a street needs to be blocked off to shoot a scene, permission from the Traffic and Engineering Dept is required. Or if filming on the road using a process trailer, it would require two extra duty Deputy Sheriff’s be hired for escort while on public roads. Whatever you specific needs may be, AFO will assist you with the process of obtaining the required permissions for your production.

Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions concerning government permits, licences and processes.

*There is a requirement to get a licence for using drones when filming but the Augusta Film Office can provide you with the point of contact for that specific permit and will help arrange it, if needed for your production.