The Augusta Film Office (AFO) is proud to announce that we have secured another film to shoot in the Augusta area, an adaptation based on New York Times Best Selling author, Alessandra Torre’s book “Hollywood Dirt”. Pre-production is in full swing, and Principal Photography will start on March 15th, 2017 for 8 days before the production moves to Madison, Georgia on March 24th, 2017. 

The film is the first of many for veteran Producer/Director/Writer team Jina Panebianco, Tosca Musk and Joany Kane. Hollywood Dirt, will be the first to premiere in the line-up of their slate launching in September 2017 on the newly founded digital platform Passionflix ( “We had this vision of fulfilling a need for the millions of women across the world (ourselves included) to see their favorite romance novels turned into movies and series. Our mandate is simple: love, passion, romance and happy endings. There is not enough of that in filmmaking today” says Panebianco. The underlying message of Passionflix is to empower women through emotional strength. Hollywood Dirt is pulling in many L.A. film veterans to the area who will be rounded out by more than 60% local crew for the duration of the shoot. The film stars Emma Rigby (Once Upon A Time in Wonderland) and Johann Urb (Resident Evil), alongside Marco Dapper (Young and The Restless) and Mindy Cohn (Facts of Life) to name but a few, which help bring this array of colorful characters to life. 

The producers for Hollywood Dirt started scouting in the Augusta area in December 2016 and with the help of the AFO locked everything down in early 2017 for production to take place this March. Musk told us “We are super happy to be in Augusta. The reception by the AFO has been extremely welcoming and I’m thrilled by the amount of local support that ultimately adds incredible production value.” 

During the 8 days of shooting, 3 will be at the Augusta Film Office’s sound stage where construction has begun on the sets. 5 additional days will be in and around Augusta. The remainder of the film will be shot in Madison and Los Angeles throughout the 20 day shoot. 

Anyone wishing to get involved in the burgeoning film industry in Augusta should contact the Augusta Film Office at, or find the southeasternfilmakers page on Facebook for more information.